“As an artist being interviewed for BBC radio, I found the prospect quite daunting. However, following an enjoyable training session facilitated by Pamela, I was well prepared and the interview flowed really well. I could not have done this without the prep work with Pam which included handy tips, key messages and a couple of mock interviews which prepared me really well.”
Cathy Stocker, Tremallt Studios


These practical half-day workshops will enable you to reach a high level of competence. Participants receive a self-help guide for future reference and follow-up support and consultancy from Pamela. The sessions are tailored to your organisation’s needs and are held in your premises or at a venue convenient for you.

Pamela’s public and voluntary sector background means she understands the importance of getting excellent value for money. Prices are negotiable, depending on the type and size of your organisation.

training2Making the Most of Your Local Media – half day course

This half day workshop for 6-12 people will help you spot the everyday activities in your organisation that can be turned into stories for your local media. Learn how to build a relationship with your local media, promote your stories to them and deal with media enquiries. During the session you will draft a real news release, ready to take back to your workplace and send to your local media. Follow up support will be available from Pamela to ensure this goes smoothly.

Radio skills training – half day course/individual coaching

This half day workshop for up to six people identifies the everyday activities in your organisation that can easily be turned into stories for your local radio stations. You will learn the knack of giving successful radio interviews including effective delivery, dealing with awkward questions, soundbites and developing your own style. You will practise mock interviews in a safe environment and build on constructive feedback.

The course can be run for a group or as a series of individual coaching sessions of 45 minutes each.

Pitching to funders

This workshop is for people who will be giving a presentation to funders. We will work on your draft presentation to make it truly excellent, both in terms of content and style. You will learn techniques to make sure your delivery of the presentation and handling of questions is effective and gives the funders what they are looking for. The training is for individuals or small groups.

Effective speech-making

Working on a draft speech you have written, this workshop gives you the opportunity to develop confidence and authority when delivering a speech and to hold your audience’s attention. You will learn how to tailor your speech to your audience and structure it to achieve your aims. You will learn techniques for dealing with nerves, how to project yourself well and to develop content that will really get your messages across. The training is for individuals or small groups.

For more information please contact Pamela; email: pamela@pamelajudge.co.uk or phone: 01239 711041.